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From source (2 May 2023):
Just some anthro Zipp, 'cos I was in the mood for it.

Also, this drawing may or may not reference my favorite energy drink lol

Uploaded to Patreon on 2 April 2023.
safe989755 artist:inuhoshi-to-darkpen885 character:zipp storm945 species:anthro147573 species:pegasus186546 species:unguligrade anthro28320 g55426 alone216 can216 cheek fluff3612 clothing299537 colored hooves5237 colored wings4314 ear fluff18288 earbuds511 female742943 fluffy8955 hat52902 hoodie8493 hooves12511 jewelry37667 leg fluff2214 mare293393 multicolored wings2349 pants9676 phone3772 ring1549 signature16431 sitting38665 solo627699 tail15638 tail feathers537 unshorn fetlocks16890 wing fluff1112 wings70386 zephyr heights17


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