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From source (24 November 2023):

DeviantArt description (24 November 2023):

A group drawing to commemorate Chapter 6. Love these little goobers with all my heart!
safe992656 artist:aztrial71 character:hitch trailblazer958 character:izzy moonbow2624 character:misty brightdawn745 character:pipp petals1721 character:sparky sparkeroni138 character:sunny starscout2216 character:zipp storm1260 species:dragon33566 species:earth pony143073 species:pegasus187634 species:pony669913 species:unicorn186246 g56993 my little pony: make your mark641 my little pony: make your mark chapter 6147 g5 leak438 spoiler:g51519 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark1005 adorapipp533 adorazipp284 baby6508 baby dragon1023 big wings1030 blaze (coat marking)1506 circlet792 coat markings2220 colored hooves5864 colored wings4425 cornrows51 cute129046 female745271 gradient hair3116 group2223 group hug585 happy19044 hooves13260 hug17226 male197788 mane five142 mane six (g5)88 mane stripe sunny223 multicolored hair5500 multicolored wings2454 pipp wings1576 rebirth misty288 royal sisters (g5)100 siblings4572 sisters5246 smiling152725 socks (coat marking)2850 spread wings34054 stallion65469 tongue out54797 unshorn fetlocks17651 wings71327


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