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Derpibooru description (16 May 2022):
My Little Pony G5 TV Series by Piotr Bzdura on ArtStation
Visual development for MLP G5 TV Series pitch done few years ago over at Boulder Media in Dublin, Ireland.

Art Direction:
Finnbarr Martin

Character Concept Art:
Claudio Naccari

Paul O'Flanagan
Gillian Comerford
safe992656 artist:claudio naccari2 artist:piotr bzdura2 official1406 character:hitch trailblazer958 character:izzy moonbow2624 character:pipp petals1721 character:sunny starscout2216 character:zipp storm1260 species:earth pony143073 species:pegasus187634 species:pony669913 species:unicorn186246 g56993 my little pony: tell your tale942 blaze (coat marking)1506 blue eyes2727 blue-eyed pipp2 boulder media9 boulder media logo2 concept art551 female745271 gradient hair3116 hasbro825 hasbro logo93 logo1644 male197788 mane five142 mare295373 multicolored hair5500 my little pony logo846 pipp wings1576 stallion65469 zephyr heights23


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