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Derpibooru description (27 May 2022):
My Little Pony G5 — TV Series development by Claudio Naccari on ArtStation
These are some development concepts for a My Little Pony G5 2D show pitch done in 2019 at Boulder Media, before the project was placed on hold.
It was a fun collaboration between myself (Character Concept Art), Finnbarr Martin (Art Direction), @Piotr Bzdura (Concept Art), Paul O'Flanagan (Direction), and Gillian Comerford (Direction).
safe992660 artist:claudio naccari2 artist:finnbarr martin1 artist:piotr bzdura2 official1406 character:hitch trailblazer958 character:izzy moonbow2625 character:pipp petals1721 character:sunny starscout2216 character:zipp storm1261 species:earth pony143074 species:pegasus187639 species:pony669922 species:unicorn186248 g56994 my little pony: tell your tale942 blaze (coat marking)1506 blue eyes2727 blue-eyed pipp2 boulder media9 boulder media logo2 concept art551 earth pony crystal19 female745280 gradient hair3117 hasbro825 hasbro logo93 logo1644 male197788 mane five142 mare295380 multicolored hair5501 my little pony logo846 open mouth82913 pegasus crystal22 pipp wings1576 simple background236509 squishy cheeks1665 stallion65469 text27872 unicorn crystal20 unity crystal12 volumetric mouth458 white background55693


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