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From source (28 September 2022):
The general audience about the villians
#MLP #mlpgen5 #mlpg5

Uploaded to DeviantArt on 6 September 2023.
safe992656 artist:artistmythical44 character:misty brightdawn745 character:opaline arcana228 species:alicorn137096 species:pony669913 species:unicorn186246 g56993 spoiler:g51519 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark1005 202215 audience245 coat markings2220 colored eyebrows1858 colored hooves5864 comic66404 crossover36619 culture shock8 curtains1302 cute129046 eyebrows8173 female745271 holding2261 holding a pony1728 hoof hold5485 hooves13260 mare295373 mistybetes321 socks (coat marking)2850 spongebob squarepants1290 text27872 unshorn fetlocks17651


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