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Uploaded to source on 28 November 2023.
safe992656 artist:petaltwinkle28 character:pipp petals1721 character:sunny starscout2216 species:earth pony143073 species:pegasus187634 species:pony669913 g56993 adorapipp533 alternate hairstyle17402 coat markings2220 cute129046 dialogue44776 duo39557 eyebrows8173 eyebrows visible through hair2937 female745271 floppy ears31088 flying24622 looking at you100076 mane stripe sunny223 mare295373 one eye closed17414 pipp wings1576 signature16944 simple background236510 sitting38950 smiling152725 smiling at you2210 socks (coat marking)2850 sunnybetes616 text27872 three quarter view3204 white background55693 wings71327 wink14302 winking at you528


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