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Uploaded to source on 18 February 2022 under the title "someone should take away my drawing tablet".

Uploaded to Derpibooru on 1 March 2023.
safe993933 artist:anwa-gows-uwu12 character:sunny starscout2416 species:earth pony143620 species:human75165 species:pony671235 g57725 my little pony: a new generation1172 ball2163 baseball230 baseball bat621 butt23252 cap2831 clothing300729 coat markings2425 colored12236 colored hooves6211 colored sketch1808 crossover36661 dock24455 female746547 hat53272 holding2292 hooves13666 male198158 mare296449 mouth hold11008 name pun76 plot41399 pun3853 reference2291 scout517 signature17312 simple background237051 sketch34949 socks37464 socks (coat marking)3038 solo630263 sports2139 sunny starbutt17 tail16267 team fortress 22682 text28025 toy7093 unshorn fetlocks18061 video game2625 visual gag927 weapon17672 white background55893


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