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From source (10 February 2024):
参考 —- Tell Your Tale S2E05 (… )
safe992660 artist:uotapo924 character:misty brightdawn745 character:posey bloom98 species:earth pony143074 species:pony669922 species:unicorn186248 g56994 my little pony: tell your tale942 spoiler:g51519 spoiler:my little pony: tell your tale655 spoiler:tyts02e0531 4 panel comic29 angry16539 colored hooves5864 comic66404 cute129049 dialogue44776 eyes closed55072 female745280 flower15502 hoof heart369 hoof hold5485 hooves13260 madorable489 mare295380 misty-rious new room31 mistybetes321 open mouth82913 open smile1465 posey can't catch a break40 rose2423 smiling152728 speech bubble14254 text27872 unshorn fetlocks17652 wet4381 wet mane3324


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