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From source (19 December 2023):

Response :
How do you think Zipp ended up on fire?, I don't even know it myself.
safe993341 artist:jelly_hamwich1 character:pipp petals1798 character:zipp storm1340 species:pegasus187909 species:pony670611 g57378 cellphone2412 circlet813 colored hooves6048 comic66422 dialogue44844 distracted75 duo39721 duo female7041 female745935 fire6795 funny2186 hoof heart394 hoof hold5523 hooves13482 jewelry38286 mare295971 on fire106 phone3852 pipp wings1652 regalia12367 royal sisters (g5)110 siblings4586 signature17137 simple background236766 sisters5258 sitting39032 smartphone1477 text27941 that pony sure does love phones10 this will end in death1230 this will end in tears1775 this will end in tears and/or death1251 underhoof27718 unshorn fetlocks17869 white background55804


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