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From source (19 December 2023):
Queen Haven adores her family. If she could quit being a queen just to spend more time with her daughters, I'd bet she would. I also believe a big reason she does what she does as queen is she's hoping to make a better world for her daughters.

Here's the quote from Queen Haven in Make Your Mark Chapter 5 Episode 4: "Nothing beats having a daughter, except maybe having two!"
safe993341 artist:flurryheart043 character:pipp petals1798 character:queen haven93 character:zipp storm1340 species:pegasus187911 species:pony670610 g57378 baby6525 baby pony4384 colored12214 colored sketch1790 colored wings4462 daughter397 female745935 filly36076 filly pipp petals20 filly zipp storm27 foal9124 hug17243 mare295971 mother1398 mother and child916 mother and daughter2938 multicolored wings2492 parent and child144 pipp wings1652 royal sisters (g5)110 siblings4586 signature17137 sisters5258 sketch34897 text27941 trio6154 winghug1800 wings71584 young1792 younger10939


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