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From source (3 February 2024):
#mlp #mlpg5 😗
safe993341 artist:iksiudodi_7 part of a set7724 character:jazz hooves174 character:pipp petals1798 species:earth pony143340 species:pegasus187909 species:pony670611 g57378 my little pony: make your mark771 my little pony: tell your tale1149 adorapipp569 blushing106472 bust29056 cellphone2412 circlet813 coat markings2323 colored eyebrows1918 colored hooves6048 cute129343 dialogue44844 eyebrows8409 hoof hold5523 hooves13482 implied rocky riff3 jazzibetes47 no pupils2526 nuzzling2428 phone3852 pipp wings1652 profile5656 signature17137 simple background236766 smartphone1477 socks (coat marking)2943 speech bubble14289 spread wings34195 text27941 three quarter view3252 unshorn fetlocks17869 white background55804 wings71584


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