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Derpibooru description (28 March 2024):
pero no es de Hitch de quién estoy enamorada…

Description translates as "But Hitch is not whom I am in love with…"
safe993342 artist:myhoneypony2 character:izzy moonbow2715 character:sunny starscout2308 species:earth pony143341 species:pony670611 species:unicorn186559 ship:starbow117 g57379 adorable face852 animated64712 blushing106472 confession111 cute129345 dialogue44844 female745937 glomp296 gradient hair3216 heart25969 heart eyes8969 horn32410 hug17243 izzybetes814 lesbian51172 love2650 mare295974 multicolored hair5616 music1589 shipping103872 slideshow51 sound5148 spanish text72 sunnybetes647 tackle118 video389 voice47 webm7521 wingding eyes12547 youtube shorts3


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