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From source (24 December 2023):
Here are my parts for @_Maka_11 's collab!
safe993789 artist:emera3331 part of a set7764 character:misty brightdawn850 character:zipp storm1411 species:pegasus188100 species:pony671100 species:unicorn186740 ship:dawnstorm21 g57649 my little pony: tell your tale1293 blue coat164 blue eyes2738 blue mane454 chest fluff23749 coat markings2396 collaboration:sad my little pony g52 colored hooves6181 countershading16 crying23271 duo39851 duo female7115 female746433 fluffy mane113 folded wings4220 green eyes2325 hooves13628 horn32569 lesbian51211 mare296361 pink mane462 raised hoof29604 sad14468 shipping103965 short hair1527 simple background236980 socks (coat marking)3012 three quarter view3293 unshorn fetlocks18019 white background55872 white coat175 wind blowing21 wings71726


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