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Floratina is an excellent choice for a starter… dish.🥗

~ Saladtina, a gifted YCH commission
safe993937 artist:lrusu399 artist:yotesmark121 oc377540 oc:floratina4 oc:ponatina15 species:pony671236 species:unicorn186805 2d36 battle gem ponies132 cute129595 eeveelution63 flower15549 flower in hair4775 flower tail4 grass5757 green hair246 green mane167 helpless107 leaf599 leaf wings6 leafeon42 original species14038 pink stripes1 plant1360 plant pony392 salad243 smol405 solo630266 tongs23 ych result12214 your character here7009


not provided yet


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