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Shadow Sora put himself, along with Prism Light, his girlfriend Perfume Sparkle, and friend Angel into magic bubbles to float through the sky. They will have a nice flight through the sky in their magic bubbles.

My Little Pony is copyright Hasbro.
Shadow Sora is an original character belonging to me. DO NOT STEAL.
Prism Light and Perfume Sparkle are original characters belonging to EthanVerGaming. DO NOT STEAL.
Angel is an original character belonging to EeveeProtect. DO NOT STEAL.
safe993933 artist:sorasleafeon8 oc377540 oc only253905 oc:angel113 oc:perfume sparkle1 oc:prism light2 oc:shadow sora4 species:pegasus188153 species:pony671235 species:unicorn186805 blue eyes2740 blue sky97 bubble3029 bush1607 bushes5 clothing300729 floating2518 looking back31202 looking up9571 magic45771 magic aura3066 magic bubble91 multiple characters38 neckerchief1046 pegasus oc4562 scarf13889 smiling153383 unicorn oc3452


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