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Today’s prompt: Draw a pony experiencing their 15 minutes of fame / Draw a pony in the spotlight.

I did a similar concept like this a previous year, but with this prompt, I figured it was a good opportunity to add further context and story to it.

It’s no secret that Cookie has a huge appetite, so when an eating contest comes around, she’s one of the first to sign up. However, she doesn’t do it because she’s sure she’ll win. She just likes getting to enjoy the culinary delights that ponies provide for the contestants, and if she does happen to win, it’s just a nice bonus.

She’s no braggart in victory, however (except against Beryl), and she knows to give credit where it’s due, whether it’s to the ponies who made a contest like this possible, or the ponies who came out to support and watch her be a glutton in public, like Syntax and Pastel. =)
safe994420 artist:blazewing92 oc377623 oc only253951 oc:pastel macaroon21 oc:syntax37 oc:tough cookie58 species:earth pony143768 species:pony671594 species:unicorn186956 newbie artist training grounds4044 atg 202439 belly17160 big belly6498 clapping451 clothing300886 colored background120 comic66498 drawpile140 eating6175 eating contest75 fat13651 fedora519 female746924 filly36143 foal9164 glasses36775 glowing horn12682 hat53314 hoof on belly139 horn32738 laughing4891 magic45790 male198259 mare296742 messy1208 messy eating784 napkin122 onomatopoeia2154 pie tin54 raised hoof29692 simple background237219 smiling153575 speech1693 stallion65814 stuffed belly82 table5800 talking3324 telekinesis17697 text28081 trophy463 unamused9914 vest2597 young1862


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