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From source (18 June 2024):
You’re my best friend, I’ll love you forever 🩷
safe994420 artist:the-fucking-cannibal3 character:hitch trailblazer1099 character:sunny starscout2495 species:earth pony143768 species:pony671594 g57962 my little pony: make your mark880 my little pony: tell your tale1493 blaze (coat marking)1657 coat markings2474 colored eyebrows2037 colored hooves6314 cute129708 duo39971 duo male and female728 eyebrows8621 female746924 friendship708 friendshipping321 gradient background8128 hitchbetes190 hoof around neck109 hooves13818 hug17289 looking at each other12209 looking at someone875 male198259 mane stripe sunny380 mare296742 not shipping70 signature17357 smiling153575 socks (coat marking)3084 stallion65814 sunnybetes708 unshorn fetlocks18177


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