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From source (14 May 2024):
Sunny x Hitch kiss

Free to use, credits for me.
safe994420 artist:arkogon3 character:hitch trailblazer1099 character:sunny starscout2495 species:earth pony143768 species:pony671594 ship:sunnyhitch41 g57962 my little pony: tell your tale1493 blaze (coat marking)1657 coat markings2474 colored eyebrows2037 colored hooves6314 duo39971 duo male and female728 eyebrows8621 eyes closed55298 female746924 hooves13818 kiss on the lips58 kissing12986 male198259 mane stripe sunny380 mare296742 profile5770 saddle bag4257 satchel237 ship:starblazer3 shipping104035 simple background237219 socks (coat marking)3084 stallion65814 straight64437 sunny's bag50 sunny's buttons149 transparent background127325 unshorn fetlocks18177


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