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From source (19 June 2024):
Commission for Jymbroni!! They're writing a fanfic starring these two inspired by the Raritwi Bodyguard AU and wanted something for it

I looooove designing clothing and armor, so this was a really fun experiment x3 Sunny's outfit is partially inspired by the Swan Princess and Rapunzel since I feel like they fit her vibes as a character.

* * *

If you like my work and want to support me, my commissions are open!! For prices and examples you can check out my website , or DM me for more specifics~

Uploaded to Derpibooru on 19 June 2024.
safe994420 artist:willoillo93 derpibooru original13918 character:sunny starscout2495 character:zipp storm1503 species:earth pony143768 species:pegasus188315 species:pony671594 ship:zippscout27 g57962 adorazipp344 alternate universe5278 armor14948 clothing300886 coat markings2474 colored hooves6314 colored wings4517 commission39211 cute129708 dress27280 duo39971 duo female7170 eye contact3925 eyebrows8621 eyebrows visible through hair3087 female746924 hooves13818 lesbian51235 looking at each other12209 looking at someone875 mare296742 multicolored wings2537 open mouth83405 open smile1741 profile5770 raised hoof29692 shipping104035 signature17357 smiling153575 socks (coat marking)3084 spread wings34316 sunnybetes708 three quarter view3305 unshorn fetlocks18177 wings71830


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