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Playing around with Aseprite and made this Misty pixel animation! Hope yall like it eeee!

Wanna see the smaller/to scale verison? Click here
safe994420 artist:cupute39 imported from derpibooru740 character:misty brightdawn942 species:pony671594 species:unicorn186956 g57962 spoiler:g51873 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark1079 animated64818 aseprite51 colored horn342 curly mane256 cute129708 digital art10433 eyelashes5613 female746924 gif21593 horn32738 long mane1981 looking at you100550 mistybetes377 pixel animation35 pixel art5701 rebirth misty412 silly4687 simple background237219 smiling153575 smiling at you2440 solo630500 tail16359 tongue out54925 transparent background127325


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If you ever end up doing one of Izzy, I'll probably change my icon in here to it! This is really cute!!