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From source (3 July 2024):
She Dood It
Equestria Daily Artist Training Grounds, Day 30.

"Draw a pony graduating / Draw a pony reaching the end of the line."

A brief simulation of Sprout congratulating Misty. Had something a little more serous in mind, but it didn't pan out, so have a silly. Before any of you say anything, yes, I misspelled on purpose. XD

So that's another training grounds! I'll have to review what other peeps have uploaded now that I can. Congrats, all!
safe994420 artist:ebbysharp13 character:misty brightdawn942 character:sprout191 species:earth pony143768 species:pony671594 species:unicorn186956 newbie artist training grounds4044 g57962 atg 202439 bracelet6431 clothing300886 coat markings2474 congratulations27 dialogue44949 dot eyes113 duo39971 duo male and female728 female746924 friendship bracelet101 graduation120 graduation cap193 hat53314 horn32738 intentional spelling error12 jewelry38519 male198259 mare296742 open mouth83405 open smile1741 pale belly609 rebirth misty412 silly4687 smiling153575 socks (coat marking)3084 speech bubble14337 stallion65814


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