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I made these gifs for the Wild Mane's Discord server ee
If your curious definingly check out the twitter thread this image is from!
safe994420 screencap195620 character:candi45 character:cocoa63 species:earth pony143768 species:pony671594 episode:herd it wrong55 wild manes171 animated64818 beach9277 beach house8 bow tie6081 braid4210 clothing300886 colored eyebrows2037 colored hooves6314 cute129708 eyebrows8621 eyeshadow9020 female746924 gif21593 hat53314 hoofbump667 hooves13818 horse1674 jewelry38519 looking at each other12209 looking at someone875 makeup11701 mare296742 necklace11916 outdoors5988 saddle1264 smiling153575 socks37474 tack2571 talking3324


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