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Auto-imported from derpibooru.org (907422)

Quick color Sketch from Evey, Princess Luna in date night attire. (she cute when she nervous)

Upvotes at import: 270 | Stars at import: 198
Posted previously at: 2015-05-31T07:45:24 | Posted previously by: Flanagan
safe994420 artist:eve-ashgrove739 character:princess luna65900 species:human75173 alternate hairstyle17459 circlet852 clothing300886 cute129708 dark skin2409 dialogue44949 dress27280 earring12129 evening gloves4985 eyeshadow9020 female746924 humanized53345 jewelry38519 lipstick5358 looking at you100550 lunabetes2537 necklace11916 nervous3565 open mouth83405 pantyhose2449 piercing22469 shy2286 simple background237219 solo630500


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