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This doesn't really have a purpose, it was a silly doodle and I never finished it but I kept seeing it in my unfinished pics folder and I always thought it had potential so decided to go back and fix it up heh.
it's come out much better than the WIP I think

I love playing with scenes from the jungle book. Changing details about the scenes and explore how they would play out differently. This one was just a silly little idea based around the idea of what if the one playing the bagheera of the scene and trying to rescue their friend failed to wake up the captured companion X3
And sometimes it's just fun to come back to Kaa. As much as I love more original snakes, the ol' disney boy is a classic, and he's just an entertaining character X3

"Hehe~ He won't BE here in the morning…" came a voice from somewhere behind Fluttershy, after she'd muttered something about coming back in the morning to check on the animals she had just taken to a new home at the edge of the Everfree forest.

Hearing this voice, the yellow pegasus turned to see her escort, Spirit Wind, wrapped up in the twisting coils of a certain Everfree snake she had met once before. She knew of this snake and his special magic, and she could see that Spirit had fallen under the snake's powerful spell, as he had a big plastic smile across his face and his eyes were flashing with colourful rings that flowed outwards from the middles. How this snake had even managed to capture the pony without her knowing he was even there was surprising.

Fluttershy yelled "KAA! Wait!" and leapt up to try and save her coltfriend. Fluttershy would never be known to harm an animal, even a sly, hungry snake like Kaa, but she simply jumped to action out of desperation to save her Spirit. A good hard shove on the long neck of the serpent was not enough to cause him to drop the stallion, however, but it did get his attention.

Kaa frowned as he advanced on Fluttershy, whose face fell into a fearful look as she stumbled back. She only found herself tripping over the snake's coils which were littering the ground, and felt them suddenly wrap around her. The little pony squeaked out a meek yelp, but couldn't do anything before in a moment she was held in the grasp of the thick, muscly coils.

"You shouldn't have done that, little pony…" Kaa began to speak threateningly towards Fluttershy, irritated by the interruption. She looked over the snake's shoulder at her coltfriend who was still trapped in the twisting grip of the snake's long tail. As Kaa looked right into her eyes, she saw rings of a different colour shift into each eye. In that moment, part of her just wanted to stop and watch what happened next, because she knew what was coming and remembered deep down how nice it would feel. But she closed her eyes before the snake could cast his manipulating spell on her, refusing to look into his eyes so that she wouldn't be hypnotised!

But all it took was one short command from Kaa. "Look me in the eye when I'm ssspeaking to you," he hissed, and Fluttershy found her eye instinctively opening to look at the snake, and found herself gazing into the shifting rings of colour flowing through his eyes. She immediately felt strange, dizzy and weak, and a smile already began to fight its way onto her face; partially a nervous smile, partially because of the warm and comfortable feeling coming over her, and what she knew was going to happen.

"P- Please… Kaa…" Fluttershy pleaded desperately. But it was too late.

"Both eyes… if you please." Kaa hissed, and before he even finished his command, the pony's stubborn other eye sprung open eagerly.

As colours enveloped Fluttershy's vision, the poor little pony felt her every thought drifting away as she became very relaxed. And soon she too was smiling widely, caught under the snake's spell.

It was up to her to save Spirit… he had been caught by the snake, and was now trapped in his coils and happily under Kaa's hypnotising magic. He needed Fluttershy to save him, but now her hooves hung down from the coils limply and helplessly as a big smile crossed her face. She couldn't move, all she wanted to do was stare into Kaa's eyes now. She was supposed to be fighting, supposed to be stopping Kaa and helping Spirit, but she just… couldn't. Fluttershy couldn't even think at all now. She was completely under his power.

Kaa smirked and flicked his tongue out. He had now defeated both the tasty little ponies, and there was nothing the helpless creatures could do to save themselves now. Nothing anypony could do.

Not unless another friend happened to come flying by right at this moment, that is.

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