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Even they need somepony who loves them. Heart Heart Heart

Here I am, surrounded by my favorite animals ever: bats Bat crows Croh vultures Condor Wolves Wolfs rain howl and a raven. These are among the most misunderstood and least loved animals ever. It's just so sad that they're viewed in such a negative light. I love these animals so much that I would rather be friends with them than just watch them if I was in Equestria, and I bet Fluttershy can help. Fluttershy Happy Emoticon.

If you all remember my My Little Misfit Animal Friends, then you'll know that this very much an updated version of that pic. Since She Talks With Angel finally featured wolves, I decided to include them with the other misfits. Also, after making the ravens from Rock Solid Friendship, I wanted to include at least one. Unfortunately, my MLMAF pic didn't have any room to include them. So I decided to go for at least a wider version. But then, the background I used in the original pic wasn't wide enough, so I had to find another one. Just like before, I obviously don't want to use a nighttime or spooky background because it would make the animal's criminally undeserved image look worst. Eventually I found the meadow background I used in some of my other projects. Not only would this also be some place where you could find Fluttershy with her cute bunnies, squirrels, songbirds, and butterflies at, but it would also present these misfits in a the same pleasant light as before.

Ponysona, bats, crows, vultures, raven, and wolves by me

Background by :icon:

I hope you love this. But more importantly, I hope you come to love and support these cute misunderstood critters, because they need it now more than ever, especially the bats in North America from the onslaught of White Nose Syndrome and the vultures of Africa and Asia from being poisoned by poachers, in fact these birds are more endangered than the giant panda. :( (Sad) If you Bronies love and support, then contribute to these guys.

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