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Auto-imported from derpibooru.org (2367612)

Have spaghetti pony enjoying some spaghetti while trying not to drop her spaghetti.
Today's NATG submission. I copped out on this one because drawing plates and spaghetti is really annoying, so have a colored sketch instead.

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Posted previously at: 2020-06-06T19:52:34 | Posted previously by: Sprite
safe978517 artist:spritepony379 oc373332 oc only250433 oc:sprite214 species:alicorn134363 species:pony654255 newbie artist training grounds3761 alicorn oc13063 bib129 eyes on the prize2782 food41028 horn28397 licking10166 licking lips2393 magic44591 offscreen character17401 pasta231 simple background230066 sitting37195 solo618538 spaghetti420 telekinesis17100 tongue out53664 wings65697


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