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Posted previously at: 2020-07-07T20:32:17 | Posted previously by: MellowinsomeYellow
safe992546 artist:sharmie127 character:applejack97681 character:fluttershy116104 character:pinkie pie120287 character:rainbow dash129790 character:rarity105198 character:twilight sparkle172369 character:twilight sparkle (alicorn)76024 species:alicorn137071 species:earth pony143041 species:pegasus187572 species:pony669776 species:unicorn186202 apple9539 book20621 butterfly3984 cloud18427 confetti1169 cute128992 dashabetes6470 diapinkes6450 eyes closed55059 female745165 food42099 jackabetes3859 magic45671 mane six16666 mare295254 needle404 open mouth82860 raribetes3561 shyabetes8785 smiling152638 telekinesis17635 thread379 twiabetes8100


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