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Auto-imported from (2397903)

We call that "baking," Autumn.

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Posted previously at: 2020-07-13T21:16:33 | Posted previously by: MellowinsomeYellow
safe988302 artist:rocket-lawnchair158 character:autumn blaze2445 character:pinkie pie120141 species:earth pony141607 species:kirin5383 species:pony665449 baking433 book20520 bowl1007 chef's hat439 clothing299144 cookbook33 cute127302 dialogue44572 duo38733 egg2080 female741953 friendshipping317 hat52777 high res16939 hoof hold5345 mare292423 measuring cup26 mixing bowl91 no pupils2470 reading3955 this will end in fire123 this will end in nirik13


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