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Haven't drawn a Pony since 2017 or something… But I needed to draw her _ is she really from MLP G5?
I still don't know what to think… But I guess we'll see in a few days
safe988302 artist:splatturp9 character:pipp petals1265 species:pegasus185997 species:pony665449 g55073 adorapipp348 circlet674 coat markings1829 colored eyebrows1552 colored hooves5123 cute127302 eyebrows6986 eyebrows visible through hair2451 female741953 flying24383 gradient background7808 hooves12311 looking at you98920 mare292423 open mouth81825 pipp wings1133 signature16028 simple background235130 socks (coat marking)2491 solo626965 spread wings33300 unshorn fetlocks16723 wings69874


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