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An art I made about recently known G5 characters! More to come!

Characters © Hasbro
safe992656 artist:dormin-dim188 character:izzy moonbow2624 character:pipp petals1721 character:sunny starscout2216 species:earth pony143073 species:pegasus187634 species:pony669913 species:unicorn186246 g56993 adorapipp533 circlet792 coat markings2220 colored eyebrows1858 colored hooves5864 cute129046 cutie mark28606 eyebrows8173 eyebrows visible through hair2937 female745271 front view404 full face view436 gradient hair3116 hooves13260 horn pattern272 izzybetes773 looking at you100076 mare295373 model254 open mouth82908 open smile1464 pipp wings1576 profile5565 raised hoof29406 rear view6708 red eyes3398 reference sheet7505 smiling152725 smiling at you2210 socks (coat marking)2850 sunnybetes616 text27872 three quarter view3204 trio6134 unshorn fetlocks17651


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