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An art I made about recently known G5 characters! More to come!

Characters © Hasbro
safe988201 artist:dormin-dim187 character:izzy moonbow2151 character:pipp petals1252 character:sunny starscout1705 species:earth pony141566 species:pegasus185947 species:pony665341 species:unicorn184517 g55036 adorapipp341 circlet674 coat markings1822 colored eyebrows1541 colored hooves5113 cute127262 cutie mark28471 eyebrows6949 eyebrows visible through hair2440 female741854 front view353 full face view390 gradient hair2613 hooves12290 horn pattern272 izzybetes595 looking at you98875 mare292338 model254 open mouth81802 open smile885 pipp wings1120 profile5278 raised hoof28820 rear view6684 red eyes3382 reference sheet7460 smiling150762 smiling at you1653 socks (coat marking)2486 sunnybetes446 text27572 three quarter view2999 trio6001 unshorn fetlocks16707


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