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So I had recently seen some of the leaks around the 5th generation and the upcoming movie, I thought I'd try drawing some of the new ponies.

Seeing some of the screenshots and mini animations with some of the characters, my first thought was how absolutely adorable they look, especially Izzy, what a bundle of cuteness! So I wanted to give drawing these new ponies a try.

What I wanted to go for was these three girls popping out of the paper into the world, to symbolise (in a way) the emergence of this new generation.

As for colouring, it was honestly all hands on deck, using at least one colour from each set of colouring pencils I had, trying to merge them together to get the pelt colours right. It was a massive pain, but I think I pulled it off (A tad darker but still recognisable). I think the trouble may have come down to using tanned tone paper for this piece, but I went with it so the whites could stand out better. Out of the three, the toughest colour to get right was Pipp, who came out darker due to shading. The most fun to colour was Izzy, I love the blending that can be done to her mane.

Either way, I hope you all like, because I had a good time drawing this piece and a decent time colouring it!

My little Pony © Hasbro
safe976795 artist:serenepony91 character:izzy moonbow856 character:pipp petals505 character:sunny starscout642 species:earth pony136333 species:pegasus180935 species:pony652198 species:unicorn178974 g51593 bust27791 circlet400 coat markings888 gradient mane1315 pipp wings418 socks (coat marking)1661 traditional art65218 unshorn fetlocks14642


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