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Base is owned by michi-bases

It’s official,this is the new mane 5! I was hoping for one more but oh well

I hope you like it

I used Procreate Procreate (2) Icon

MLP is owned by Hasbro Hasbro (2009) Icon
safe987598 artist:doraeartdreams-aspy238 character:hitch trailblazer679 character:izzy moonbow2118 character:pipp petals1223 character:sunny starscout1667 character:zipp storm814 species:earth pony141391 species:pegasus185685 species:pony664783 species:unicorn184302 g54896 bandolier162 braid4074 circlet662 coat markings1785 colored wings4203 cutie mark28409 female741242 happy18845 logo1622 male196717 mane g5188 my little pony logo835 socks (coat marking)2453 unshorn fetlocks16632 wings69570


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