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From source:

They ARE going to kill her 👀
safe980205 artist:demonnox981 character:hitch trailblazer408 character:pipp petals820 species:earth pony138222 species:pegasus182647 species:pony656480 g52960 my little pony: a new generation510 abstract background8158 annoyed3520 belt3175 blaze (coat marking)931 circlet487 coat markings1234 colored hooves3719 dialogue43555 duo37364 eyebrows1724 female732800 floppy ears29536 folded wings3403 hooves10428 implied sunny starscout1 implied zipp storm1 jewelry35849 male195039 mare284358 markings706 open mouth79285 pipp wings698 raised hoof27862 regalia11578 signature13908 simple background230908 socks (coat marking)1975 stallion63405 unshorn fetlocks15370 wings66307


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