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From source:

👑Princess Pipp invites you to her Halloween party! Will you come?🎃

Pipp: Do you like my PONYtails?

#mlp #mlpanewgeneration #PippPetals #halloween2021 #MyLittlePonyANewGen #mlpgen5
safe980205 artist:spoosha61 character:pipp petals820 species:pegasus182647 species:pony656480 g52960 my little pony: a new generation510 adorapipp167 chest fluff22305 clothing294693 costume15969 cute123843 eyebrows1724 eyebrows visible through hair833 female732800 halloween4509 halloween costume897 holiday10400 looking at you95304 mare284358 open mouth79285 pipp wings698 signature13908 solo620031 text26277 wings66307


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