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From source:

Izzy, Izzy, Izzy!✨
safe983169 artist:miss-jessiie230 character:izzy moonbow1717 species:pony659912 species:unicorn182206 g53657 my little pony: a new generation854 :p4836 abstract background8471 blep5103 bracelet6007 cheek squish560 chest fluff22667 colored hooves4414 cute125128 female736395 glasses36198 gradient mane2130 hoof on cheek217 hooves11318 hooves on cheeks119 izzybetes457 jewelry36474 looking at you96698 mare287697 multicolored hair4322 one ear down47 round glasses22 solo622532 squishy cheeks1638 tongue out54104 unshorn fetlocks15995


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