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Imagine having good relationship with your father.. I want that too
safe989757 artist:limedazzle455 manebooru spotlight142 character:argyle starshine29 character:sunny starscout1805 species:earth pony142003 species:pony666952 g55426 my little pony: a new generation1004 coat markings1890 colored eyebrows1632 colored hooves5237 cute127822 daughter374 duo39047 eyes closed54770 fake horn479 fake wings440 father317 father and child328 father and daughter1278 female742945 filly35914 filly sunny26 g5 to g481 glasses36507 happy18902 hooves12511 jewelry37667 male197014 necklace11560 open mouth82160 parent and child115 playing872 simple background235516 smiling151404 socks (coat marking)2545 stallion64888 sunny starscout riding argyle starshine1 sunnybetes473 transparent background126945 unshorn fetlocks16890 young1570


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