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Pretty much
safe993942 artist:sockiepuppetry58 character:hitch trailblazer1060 character:sprout186 species:bird5077 species:earth pony143622 species:pony671242 species:rabbit3029 g57731 my little pony: a new generation1172 animal2574 bags under eyes1169 bed22923 blanket3166 blaze (coat marking)1622 brush1020 coat markings2426 coffee2534 colored hooves6215 comic66477 comparison2246 critter magnet19 cute129599 dialogue44923 drink3493 duo39884 hairbrush213 hitchbetes188 hooves13670 hug17276 male198159 markings785 morning ponies999 sad sprout2 socks (coat marking)3039 speech bubble14324 squirrel672 stallion65734 text28026 unshorn fetlocks18065 white pupils132


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