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From source:

an atypical palette for me, but I wanted to draw this :3

Cyber Zipp! :3

Twitter source.
safe981010 artist:valeria_fills5 artist:valeriafills2 character:zipp storm500 species:pegasus183068 species:pony657489 g53218 my little pony: a new generation687 arm hooves2914 bipedal20054 clothing295173 colored eyebrows523 colored wings3821 ear fluff17090 ear piercing14255 eyebrows2861 female733869 gun8321 handgun1477 jacket7785 jewelry36024 leather jacket2001 looking at you95741 mare285437 multicolored wings1885 one eye closed16892 piercing21900 pistol1135 semi-anthro6831 skirt23538 solo620710 three quarter view1169 tongue out53894 tongue piercing473 weapon17354 wings66773 wink14037 winking at you314


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