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From source:

The Last Mariner ☢️

Alternate source.
safe981010 artist:nevobaster254 oc373995 oc only251183 oc:littlepip2125 species:pony657490 species:unicorn181219 fallout equestria8697 bandage3329 butt21860 city2580 clothing295173 cloud17862 crossover35958 cute124213 cutie mark27032 cyrillic1006 detailed527 dirty hooves29 explicit source3486 fallout1834 female733869 frog (hoof)5707 highway57 hooves10736 horn29021 jumpsuit432 looking back30288 mare285436 ocbetes3285 pipabetes26 pipbuck1936 pipbutt90 plot40975 pond516 radiation53 radiation sign13 ruins773 scenery5458 scenery porn612 sign2138 sky8352 solo620710 tail13679 underhoof26846 vault suit1923 video game2349 water8217


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