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From source:

And that's a fact.
safe991145 artist:buttersprinkle333 character:pipp petals1540 species:pegasus187086 species:pony668354 g56149 my little pony: a new generation1036 adorapipp471 angry16488 circlet747 coat markings2033 colored eyebrows1752 colored hooves5523 cute128418 eyebrows7858 female744146 folded wings4021 frown14734 high res17721 hooves12851 lavender background54 madorable482 mare294393 pipp is not amused11 pipp is small66 pipp wings1399 pouting1329 purple background1740 scale147 signature16736 simple background235931 socks (coat marking)2676 solo628557 standing6921 three quarter view3138 unamused9837 unshorn fetlocks17240 wings70815


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