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From source (15 May 2022):

☀️Sunday Funday with an adorable new friend!!!!
Look at these two best buds — like two peas in a pod 💚

#mlpfim #G5 #mlpfimg5 #Hitch #trailblazer #babyDragon @netflix
safe994420 artist:opalacorn219 manebooru spotlight181 character:hitch trailblazer1099 character:sparky sparkeroni181 species:dragon33637 species:earth pony143768 species:pony671594 g57962 blaze (coat marking)1657 coat markings2474 colored eyebrows2037 colored hooves6314 cute129708 eyebrows8621 gradient background8128 hitchbetes190 hooves13818 looking at each other12209 lying down10060 male198259 no pupils2546 on back12541 open mouth83405 profile5770 simple background237219 socks (coat marking)3084 spread wings34316 stallion65814 unshorn fetlocks18177 wings71830


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