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From source (30 May 2022):

Cutie Marks by @GallusGriffon06 on DeviantArt
I love wholesome siblings dynamics and, having wanted to draw Zipp since long ago (since she's my favorite from G5), I mixed both ideas for this drawing uwu
safe987598 artist:iceflower9913 character:pipp petals1223 character:zipp storm814 species:pegasus185685 species:pony664783 g54896 my little pony: a new generation987 chest fluff23073 circlet662 colored pupils6398 cutie mark28409 ear fluff17987 eye clipping through hair3791 eyebrows6764 eyebrows visible through hair2372 female741242 hug17073 jewelry37453 looking at each other11835 looking at someone402 mare291814 pipp wings1095 siblings4447 sisters5131 three quarter view2930 tiara2157 video at source213 video in description58 winghug1764 wings69570


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