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Ponatina’s Ki form! 🥋

She’s a wild one (and her Chroma colors are even wilder). 🎨
safe983895 artist:tonyyotes39 artist:yotesgames39 oc375043 oc only252035 oc:bucktina3 species:earth pony140101 species:fox630 species:pony660883 species:wolf778 animal2520 animal costume1236 battle gem ponies39 clothing296920 costume16077 crossover36159 digital art9899 earth pony oc2943 eeveelution51 eeveelutions45 feral130 feral fluffy pony203 fighter118 fluffy tail92 furry2185 kitsune121 nintendo1830 pixel art5555 pokémon4637 ponymon297 purple573 solo623240 video game2430 wild14


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