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My OC Sylvia drawn with POSCA pens! A bit messy with the color choices on this one, but it was a good attempt! 🌲
safe984332 artist:dandy331 oc375250 oc only252215 oc:sylvia evergreen22 species:pegasus184498 species:pony661500 :32564 bow15640 braid4016 braided pigtails111 cute125562 cutie mark27918 eyebrows5331 eyebrows visible through hair1922 eyelashes4405 female737889 folded wings3588 freckles17628 hair bow8648 mare288897 ocbetes3513 open mouth80770 pen drawing283 simple background233381 smiling149279 solo624015 traditional art65635 wings68455 yellow background762


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