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Now that the credits are out of the way, I can have some fun here! I’m not sure why I decided to put these two as a couple, but I think they look good together! I’ll be trying to do another entry for them both so be on the look out for that. Anyway, on to the little story I have for em. (I’m writing this at like 2am I’m sorry if it’s gibberish or has typos, I’ll fix em later)

*This takes place in the Sombraverse timeline

Sunrise Feather was always a chearful pegasus, always trying to find the silver lining to every situation, but then Sombra took over and she was forced into action. Like many pegasi her age, she joined Celestia’s army in hopes of saving her beloved country and her loved ones. The was lasted many years and Celestia’s army did eventually win, but not without losses. Sunrise had lost much of her family as well as her ability to fly thanks to the war and upon returning home, she fell into a deep depression. Many of her days were spent at local bars where you would find her trying to drink away the pain in her heart.

When the war began, Chocolate Pudding was just as scared as everypony else. She was a sweet country girl with a love for flowers, sun, and all things fun but she had to put much of that aside when her family went into hiding. Chocolate went from being outside almost all the time, to only leaving their bunker for supplies and never alone. Most of her family survived the war, minus some of the elderly members that couldn’t handle it any longer. Once the war was over, the family did their best to return to their normal ways. Chocolate often went into town to check on the townsfolk, she was always worried about someone needing a helping hoof.

One day, Chocolate was approached by a pony who informed her of Sunrise’s situation, begging her to help the sad pegasus. The earth pony agreed, and she did the best she could to help. Sunrise found the brown mare easy to talk to as she listened quite well. They began to spend more time together and Chocolate could see the changes happening inside her friend’s heart before her very eyes. A year or so after they met, Sunrise was back to being her cheerful and happy self. Chocolate was quite proud of her friend for being able to fight back the pain and push through. In fact, she quite admired that fluffy mare.

It took some more time, but eventually Sunrise confessed that she may have feelings for her best friend. It came as a bit of a shock to Chocolate, though it wasn’t unwelcome as the feeling was mutual. The two began dating and soon the two moved in together. Laughter and light always radiates from their home. The townsfolk like to tell them that their love is the stuff of pony-tales and the mares couldn’t agree more.

*Sidenote: Sunrise took to calling her lovely marefriend Puddin’ or even Pud
Oh no, I got a little attached ;


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