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From source (10 June 2022):
Lil com for toasty! colored sketch of a super cute bat!
safe985237 artist:beardie733 oc375564 oc only252458 unnamed oc984 species:bat pony29668 species:pony662576 bat pony oc10121 bat wings4709 blep5140 clothing297913 colored hooves4723 cute125919 eye clipping through hair3640 eyebrows5972 eyebrows visible through hair2103 female738969 hooves11761 looking at you97872 mare289809 ocbetes3561 one eye closed17110 simple background233887 sitting38186 smiling149655 smiling at you1429 solo624836 spread wings32704 sweater8697 tongue out54335 transparent background126734 unshorn fetlocks16316 wings68847 wink14118 winking at you396


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