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From source (30 August 2022):
Goth Izzy🖤 #mylittlepony

DeviantArt description (16 September 2022):
I like this style much more on her =3
safe992564 artist:magnaluna1025 character:izzy moonbow2617 species:pony669791 species:unicorn186211 g56955 belly button45066 clothing300307 collar17314 colored hooves5847 cup4055 eyebrows8132 female745175 goth1296 goth izzy154 gradient hair3110 high res17903 hooves13236 looking at you100020 mare295262 multicolored hair5493 signature16902 sitting38938 socks37397 solo629407 stockings19132 thigh highs19884 unshorn fetlocks17632


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