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From source (21 October 2022):
I like Posey 💖 Windy ship, I ship them(it's so gooood)
safe987574 artist:jully-park19 derpibooru original13398 character:posey bloom51 character:windy (g5)20 species:earth pony141387 species:pegasus185678 species:pony664766 g54891 my little pony: make your mark115 my little pony: tell your tale198 black and white7524 dialogue44535 doodle1274 drunk2649 eye clipping through hair3789 eyebrows6763 female741221 grayscale22675 lesbian50890 lying down9498 mare291796 monochrome85655 on back12405 poseywind3 raised hoof28740 shipping103267 simple background234827 spread wings33122 text27526 white background55085 wings69566


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