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From source (3 August 2022):
safe986181 artist:feardakez5 character:sunny starscout1603 species:alicorn136067 species:earth pony140919 species:pony663371 g54586 my little pony: a new generation965 alicornified2968 braid4053 chest fluff22922 cloud18157 coat markings1686 colored hooves4835 cute126254 ear fluff17813 eyebrows6263 eyebrows visible through hair2205 female739906 fluffy8833 flying24285 glowing132 glowing horn12206 glowing wings51 happy18809 hooves11912 horn30687 leg fluff2100 magic45199 magic horn62 magic wings444 mare290495 open mouth81249 open smile698 race swap8234 sky8671 smiling149963 socks (coat marking)2375 solo625370 spread wings32837 sunnybetes393 sunnycorn55 unshorn fetlocks16436 wings69070


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