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From source (31 July 2022):
Patreon sketch for the wonderful Dr. Romulus, intended as a pfp for the Manechat Discord server admin bot, named Izzy Moonbot. Her TENIS (Terrifically Efficient Navigational Isotropic Signal ) ball is a functioning radar!

Twitter description (31 July 2022):
Izzy Moonbot sketch for the wonderful @romulus_dr
! ( and @Manechat_Net 's admin bot PFP )

safe986150 artist:confetticakez764 patreon reward992 character:izzy moonbow2045 oc375812 oc:izzy moonbot4 species:pony663338 species:unicorn183687 g54578 absurd resolution44518 ball2127 bust28611 eyes open127 female739883 gradient hair2499 horn30677 hornball59 izzy's tennis ball183 looking at you98125 mare290472 multicolored hair4778 patreon6536 raised hoof28591 robot4275 robot pony1989 roboticization253 smiling149951 smiling at you1472 solo625350 tennis ball462 toy6963


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